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AMAfON, especially during CORONA days, is a need fulfilled:

In these difficult days of the global Covid pandemic, many shops are open, serving you, operating as per the guidelines of the civic authority. Though many precautions are built in, there is an associated risk; risk for the shopkeeper and risk for the community. While we were quite concerned about it all, we thought of a mobile app for the shopkeeper, that can reduce the risk in every community by minimising contacts. We call it AMAfON.

AMAfON helps minimize contact

If the shop uses AMAfON, you can send your orders to the shop digitally, the shop can process it, send you an estimate, communicate with you easily to finalise the transaction and pack your items without even a visit from you to the shop. To facilitate this you need to use a companion app, Johnnysapp, our personal productivity app for every Johnny.

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JohnnysApp, gives you over 100 features:

Johnnysapp, the app for every Johnny, helps you in over a 100 ways. They include many varieties of toDOs, many types of scribbles(Notes), Powerful search, Voice activated commands, Storage of data of personal fixed assets, documents, personal diary, event log, phone modes etc.

Permissions are no security threat with no possibility of data breach

If you want to make full use of it, you have to give many permissions at the time of installation, some of these permissions seem dangerous and could be misused by others. Johnnysapp, however, is not a security threat as it runs entirely by the code resident in your mobile and your data is not compromised as your data is maintained entirely in your mobile itself. If you give all the requested permissions, the app can be far more useful to you. There is absolutely no possibility of misuse of data and you can verify that all your data is usable by you even when you aren't connected to internet.

Johnnysapp accesses and uses, with your permission, your call records, your text messages, your contacts, your media files, mobile camera etc to automate many types of your mobile usage. For example, you can setup a reminder, to call your last incoming caller, for tomorrow at 10:30am, without copying or typing the mobile number today or even tomorrow when the call is due.

You can program to set a text message for a wedding anniversary a year in advance to send the message automatically on the specific date/time, if the permissions are appropriate.

Other examples: The voice command 'Get my id card' can open your aadhaar card on your mobile since you have already scanned the card and saved it as one of 'My documents' associating with relevant keywords. 

While on the move, you can see where you are, how far you are from your places etc if Location permission is given. This permission is used for other options too.

The current version of Johnnysapp is not on Google playstore because Google is not able to process updates fast enough due to the pandemic. So you have to download it from our website.

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