Every shop is sometimes swamped with customers while for a good part of the day the shop would be empty. Any means to even out the crowd can enhance service levels, customer satisfaction, productivity and cash flow. If you can receive our orders on your mobile and the mobile facilitates order processing in multiple ways, you may be able to tune your priorities according to the situation at the counter.

Amafon is an attempt to do that. The covid pandemic adds one more dimension to the need for AMAfON. To a Shop owner, Tough times... Risky...life...economy...availability of essentials... But you have to serve your consumers in your neighborhood. Your customer needs you and you can't say no to him.

With a virus that spreads as easily as it is doing, knowing the pain and misery that it is causing, you must take as much precautions as possible, serving while saving your community. You shouldn't get covid-19. You shouldn't be spreading corona virus. Amafon helps you achieve that. 

AMAfON needs no investment, no expenses, no lengthy processes and procedures and delays for setting up and no outside expertise to setup and start gaining from it. 

AMAfON, because you are not Amazon:

  • Download AMAfON, Register & invite customers 
  • Receive order from your customer
  • Process the order selecting/removing items, entering rates
  • amaFon prepares the estimate, automatically calculating the bill value
  • Send the estimate to the customer with a tap
  • A couple of interactions with the customer, if necessary, to finalise the transaction
  • Pack the items, deliver if practical or let the customer pick up from your shop.


  • Reduces covid risk to you and to your community by minimising contact
  • Automates processes
  • Improves efficiency

All this is free as well: ZERO investments and zero running costs with free online support. 

Do it all on your Android phone:

download AMAfON by tapping on the link below: (You must ignore the installation warnings from google.. any app installed outside of google's play store gets those warnings. Reduced google support because of the pandemic is the reason you are downloading it from our website.)  


When download is complete, install it by tapping on the notification. (Don't worry about the google warnings.. the app is proven and risk free in every way)

Run amaFon

Register yourself

Let your customers know that you are online.. ready to take their orders. We have another app for your customer. JohnnysApp, the app for every johnny, helps your customer in over a hundred ways; one of which is sending orders to you.

Tap 'Invite your customer' to send him the link to JohnnysApp and he will thank you for it. The community will thank you for it.

And it helps you serve your neighborhood with greater efficiency.