AMAfON! because you are not Amazon:

AMAZON, the global giant in e-commerce, is considered super-efficient. Amafon is intended to make you efficient as well.

AMAfON works in association with JohnnysApp, the app for every johnny. JohnnysApp is all about personal digitisation to improve personal efficiency. It helps an individual in over a hundred different ways. 

The Corona virus pandemic made social distancing a necessity. Minimizing contacts even for essential shopping became a critical need. Amafon, therefore is the fulfillment of a much felt need. To benefit from the app, the shop needs to do the following:

  • Download AMAfON from

  • Register with your essential data
  • Invite your customer so they can send you their orders digitally. Invite very few, to start with, and get a feel of the usage.
  • Customer has to download, install and get a feel of JohnnysApp before he fills in his shopping list and sends it to you.
  • You receive the order as a list. The items in the list can be edited to match what you have in your list. These updates enrich your database. Select/remove items, edit quantity and enter rates to define the order.
  • Amafon helps you prepare the estimate, automatically calculating the bill value
  • Send the estimate to the customer with a tap
  • A couple of interactions-calls or messages, with the customer, for clarifications if necessary, will finalise the transaction
  • Pack the items, deliver if practical or let the customer pick up from your shop.

Your benefits are many:

The rush comes down, reducing contacts and the probability of spread of covid-19.

The reduced rush allows you to spread your time better among your customers. You can process the non-urgent amafon orders during idle time, directing more attention to the counter.

Automated processes with its calculations and storage improve efficiency, reduce errors and maintain logs.

Ease of editing and interaction can result in better service to the customer.